Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still alive and kicking!

Wow, it seems like it has been a while since my last blog. It is not that I have grown tired of blogging it is just that live has been a bit crazy lately. So much stuff to do! Things at work have kicked onto high gear as we are feverishly trying to wrap up a product and get it out the door. The goal is some stable software for bug testing by the end of the month. Unfortunately I am the only one able to do the coding so that puts quite a burden on me. Oh, the joy of a small company! The good news is that we have enough projects and cash to hire someone to help me out for at least 3 months so I talked my buddy Brent from Iowa into coming out to Estes and seeing what we can do. I hope things work out well and buckets of cash roll in so I can keep him around for more than 3 months. Unfortunately, he won't be ramped up in time to help me with this end of the month deadline.

I am pretty stoked about Brent coming out here. I am getting itchy to get on some longer climbs and he is fit, fast, and seems to be able to handle a little suffering. I do not think he has been on any long trad route so I am hoping he is down with it. Don't get me wrong. I love climbing with Molly but every now and then I need to realign my life by getting on something that causes some mental anguish. I hate to see Molly suffer but Brent...

I have been able to get out once in a while. A few weeks ago we had a sunny day of climbing up a Lumpy. We found a nice route called Crackle Crack that consisted of bomber jambs and excellent gear. It felt good to climb a crack again. It makes me yearn for the desert.

We checked out an area down in the Big Thompson canyon called Jug rock. It is a sport climbing area on some strange conglomerate rock. Lots of large crystals embedded in the rock that you don't really want to trust but you have to anyway. I liked the climbing but Molly didn't care too much for it. It had a steep but somewhat short approach.

So, there was a quick catchup. Hopefully, I will be a better blogger now. We'll see. I have some many things to talk about but just not enough time.


Kari said...

That crack climb looks fun...maybe we could put that on our itenerary? :) Joe has also been eyeing some boulders just up from Bear Lake - we are thinking we could take the kids to that area some day when you need to plow thru some work.

brent said...

bring on the suffering!