Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Science leads you to killing people"

OK, so I always though Ben Stein was a reasonably bright guy even though I was not too impressed with his "Expelled" movie. But then I came across the most amazing quote from him... "Science leads to killing people". Now I know what you are thinking because I would think the same thing with a quote this ... nuts. It must be taken out of context or made up. That I why I am posting the video here. His is talking about the holocaust.

I find it incredible, even astounding that he would say something like that. It is even more appalling that the interviewer agrees with him. Tomorrow as you go through your day take note of all things in your life that have been created (or at least enhance) by science. The food you eat, the car you drive, most likely your lively hood are all affected by science. In fact, I cannot think of a single aspect of life that has not been affected by science. If Stein wants to maintain any credibility he has two choices. Take it back or simply start a movement where he treats science like vegans treat meat.

On second thought, neither of these would restore any credibility. His ship has sailed.


the dude said...

Weird. I'd like to find more of that interview to get more context, but then (and I show my bias) that looks like the trinity broadcasting logo in the, yeah. He might be trying to communicate something slightly different like "the LOVE of science/ science AS religion" vs. "faith/religion/pursuit of God", but thats still a tired old polarizing conversation that implies that people without traditional faith also lack any ounce of morality.

I never saw expelled because it just looks over the top. Its on netflix instant play now, so maybe i'll check it out sometime. But I have to wonder how even handed a "documentary" can be when it plays on some "Church Cinema" program and sells t-shirts and bobble heads with the logo on it. If you have something important to say, just make a regular documentary with integrity instead of trying to be the anti michael moore.

Monte said...

Kinda like saying hands lead to strangling.