Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well, I suppose it is time for me to get current and figure out what all this Blogging hoop-a-la is about so here I go. And if you are unlucky enough to be reading this, welcome to my wandering world of thoughts, rants, trip reports, and random things from my life.

So, how do we get started. I guess that I should point out that it is nearly 1 am and my old friend insomnia is in town for a visit. Typically, I send him off with a stiff drink but it is the weekend so I figure I will ride it out. I find it amazing that I can sit on the couch and nearly fall asleep watching TV at 7 pm but as soon as I crawl into bed my legs start twitching and my synapses start a snapping. My current theory on this is that I live an over stimulated life and as soon as things get quite, my brain has time to wander. Anyhow, back to the point... it is 1 am so be warned. I am not firing on all cylinders.

I have entitled my Blog "Living the Dream". Words cannot describe how fortunate I feel. In a nutshell, life is good ... very good. I have a dream job of essentially cooking up crazy ideas and putting them into motion. I have a great marriage of nearly 10 years (!!). 2 months ago we pulled off the impossible and moved to what I am is convinced is the best small town in the country (perhaps the world), Estes Park CO.

So, to sum it up, I have a well paying job with no set hours and world class climbing, mountaineering, skiing, backpacking, and hiking within 10 minutes of my front door.

Now, I sincerely hope this does not sound like I am bragging. When I look at our current setup I am truly humbled. I do not deserve this. Furthermore (and perhaps worse) and am acutely aware this will likely all end. Maybe it'll last a year. We are hoping for two. But, if we are lucky....

Thus, this Blog. This blog is my diary of our time in the sun. I hope to live these years hard and fast. This blog is to be my memento.

Well, I think I am getting sleepy now (perhaps because I am being stimulated) so I'll wrap it up with a quote from Jimmy Eat World

"There's no such thing as the real world"


livingadifferentdream said...

Just a spelling reminder...Molly is quiet, Amos is quite loud. I'll leave the other few alone. :) Enjoying your blog so far!

Verda said...

It's November 15th. I don't find anymore entries on your Blog. Am I missing something? Are you OK?