Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The most beautiful song

I hope everyone experiences what I am feeling right now. It is that profound feeling that is stirred up from the soul when you hear a particular song that resonates with your being. It is that song that you put your headphones on, set the iPod to repeat, turn it up and close your eyes. Or, in my case, feebly attempt to translate your feelings into words.

I am sure how a particular song hits you is like tasting wine. The reaction is highly dependent on your taste, the mood and what is happening around you. That bottle we passed around the campfire with old and new friends in the cold Moab desert night would probably be horrible served with individual glasses and a table cloth, but that night it was unbeatable.

The same is true for this song that has now starting it's fifth repeat. I just finished watching Obamas inaugural speech which filled me with hope and patriotism. To avoid working I started surfing iTunes, looking for the song I heard last night on the movie Little Miss Sunshine. The artist is DeVotchKa and unfortunately, the song I liked from the movie could only be purchased with the entire album. However in looking through other music by DeVotchKa, I came across the song How It Ends.

This is by far the best $0.99 I have ever spent.


kari said...

you mean you bought from itunes and not amazon? :P thanks for sharing, i'll check it out soon.

Trucy said...

I purchased this today and am enjoying it very much! iTunes should give you a commission :P